Invest In Mobile

It’s becoming increasingly clear that ecommerce companies simply cannot afford to disregard mobile users. In fact, four out of five smartphone owners use their devices to shop.

“One thing is certain, go mobile or die trying,” says Toplist’s Teran. “Mobile goes with you. Users can be engaged into making a purchase via a smartphone or tablet anytime and anywhere, so it’s crucial in the growth of ecommerce.”

Teran suggests businesses take advantage of the entertainment or “me-time” value of smartphone culture, and points out that, as a more affordable and portable method of accessing a site than via laptop, mobile presents an opportunity to appeal to a larger market, especially in emerging markets. Additionally, a more interactive interface leaves room for creative methods of customer engagement. “We do not see mobile commerce as the future — we see it as part of the ‘new normal,'” Teran says.