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  • Client: Flexible Assembly items

    Project: NetSuite Site builder Faceted Search

    Thanks for your hard work and fast answers.

    We are looking forward to working together in more projects.

    NetSuite Site builder Faceted Search

    Flexible assembly items has over 5000 skus. They are using NetSuite Site builder Ecommerce for their online store.

    ThinkCommerce created an online Faceted search and autosuggested search.

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    Project: NetSuite Site builder Responsive website

    Great Jobs Team!
    You always had the right answer to my questions.
    John Maahs

    NetSuite Site builder Responsive website

    Focus holsters has just gone live with their new website design using NetSuite site builder.
    Their website is 100% responsive and are using a Faceted search. Their site is very well organically positioned , fast and simple to navigate.

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  • Project: NetSuite Faceted Search

    NetSuite Faceted Search

    Having a NetSuite Faceted search for Site builder is now POSSIBLE! We don´t know the word “impossible” thats why we never stop researching and making progress. Here at Bag masters we created a Netsuite faceted search which will allow the end user to drill down to the desired results. Its fast, its updated in real […]

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  • Project: Site builder responsive website

    Site builder responsive website

    Furnware Dorset is an Australian Kitchen cabinet manufacturer and installer. They have been working with NetSuite for the past 5 years. They have been using NetSuite Site builder to host their current commerce site. They wanted to maintain their site look and feel but turn it into responsive. With a time frame of 5 weeks […]

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